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Commercial Electricians Anniston, AL

At Dunn’s, we understand that the needs of businesses differ from those of our residential customers. That’s why we have commercial electricians on staff. They specialize in working with people just like you. From large businesses to small ones and from industrial customers to people in retails, we have a commercial electrician in Anniston, AL who can help you out. Just call us today and we’ll connect you with the perfect electrician to solve your problem!

Anniston Commercial Electrical Installations

When you’re installing something in your office or industrial building that requires the services of a commercial electrician, we hope you’ll call us first! We’ll get your commercial electrical install in Anniston completed as soon as possible so you can stop worrying about it and get back to your business.

Whether you are building out an area and you need the help of an electrician, you’re installing major manufacturing equipment with an electrical component, or you need to change up the lighting in your office, we’ll get your commercial electrical install in Anniston completed quickly and well.

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More Services to Explore

Commercial Electrical Repairs Anniston

When you need commercial electrical repairs in Anniston, our electricians will get the job done fast. Whether your repair is big or small, we have the commercial electrician for you.

Just tell us what you need to have done when you call and we’ll get you on the schedule of the electrician whose skills best match your needs. You’ll be back to work in no time because our electricians work efficiently and get the job done right the first time. Get your commercial electrical repairs in Anniston over and done with fast when you call Dunn’s electricians to get the job done.

Anniston Commercial Electrical Maintenance

You may not think much about it, but commercial electrical maintenance can keep your business from having to shut down because of an emergency. If you haven’t had your electrical system looked at in a while call us to get that inspection on the schedule soon. We’ll make sure everything is working well.

New Construction Electrician Anniston

Are you looking for a new construction electrician in Anniston who can handle everything that a new build entails? At Dunn’s, we know that new construction always presents a unique challenge and we are up for the job. 

When you bring us in as your new construction electrician in Anniston, you’ll be working with people who have the skills and the level heads to get the work on your building completed on time, every time.

Commercial Industries We Serve

We can help you no matter what your business is. We work in:

  • Professional buildings. We work in banks, government buildings, and other types of office spaces. We’ll make sure that all of your employees have access to the power they need to do their jobs well, and we’ll perform any repairs fast so everyone can get back to work as soon as possible. 
  • Medical offices. Whether you are a hospital, a doctor’s office, a standalone ER, or a dental office, we’ll make sure you have the power you need to use all of the tools of your trade. We’ll work with you and the equipment’s manufacturer to ensure that everything is exactly as you need it. 
  • The hospitality industry. Do you run a hotel, motel, extended-stay suites, or even a resort? We’ll make sure that each of your rooms has the power your guests need to make their stay feel comfortable, and we’ll perform repairs quickly so you won’t have to keep a room out of circulation very long. 
  • Restaurants. Whether you have a food truck, a cafe or coffee shop, or a large chain restaurant, we’ll get your power where you need it so you can serve your customers to the best of your ability. If something stops working, you won’t be out of commission for long.
  • Commercial spaces. Are you in charge of a store, a shopping mall, a big box store, a warehouse space, or another commercial area? We’ll work closely with you to make sure all of your electrical needs are met. We know you can’t operate your business when the power isn’t working right, so we’ll get things the way you need them fast.

Get Help With Your Commercial Electric in Anniston, AL Today

Call Dunn’s whenever you need a commercial electrician in Anniston. We’ll work with you closely to understand your needs, then get the work completed as soon as we can. We’ll communicate with you throughout the process so you can tell us if you’re not satisfied and we can work hard to make you happy. To work with electricians who understand commercial needs, contact Dunn’s today.

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