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Preventive HVAC aintenance Plan – Anniston, Alabama

You work hard, now let Dunn’s Heating & Cooling work hard for you. Annual maintenance is vital to keeping your home safe and also comfortable. Our HVAC maintenance plan will give you the safety and comfort you desire. As a Bryant dealer, we offer full service maintenance that follows Energy Star recommendations. For this reason, your system will have a longer useful life, and it will run more efficiently. Dunn’s Heating & Cooling provides the best HVAC services in Anniston and also the surrounding communities. Read below for benefits and components of our maintenance plan.

Preventive HVAC Maintenance Plan – Benefits

Our maintenance plan will sustain your level of comfort; save you money; and also boost your safety. Our maintenance plan includes the following benefits:

Improved indoor air quality

Repair minor problems before they become major ones

Lower utility bills

Discounts on parts

Priority customer service

Extended equipment life

Validation of manufacturer’s warranty

Preventive HVAC Maintenance Plan – Components

Our engineers will quickly overhaul your heating and cooling system. They are trained and certified to work on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable year-round.

Our maintenance plan includes the following components:

  • Full system inspection
  • Check all safety devices
  • Measuring voltage and current on motors
  • Measuring temperature differences
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Full system cleaning
  • Lubrication of all moving parts

Preventive Maintenance Plan – Anniston, Alabama

Dunn’s Heating & Cooling has the best maintenance plan in Anniston. Preventive maintenance will guarantee your system works efficiently year-round. When your system works efficiently, you save money on utilities. Thus, the money you save can offset the cost of a maintenance plan. Essentially, the plan pays for itself. We look forward to keeping your family safe and comfortable at home. Call us for more information on our Preventive Maintenance Plan.

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