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Customer Update

Dunn’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing continues to closely monitor developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Dunn’s will remain open during this time of social distancing. If your AC is broken, we will be there to fix it. If your plumbing backs up, we will be there to clear it. We will keep you in the loop with a customer update as things change.

We want to share our plan to address concerns and answer questions that you may be asking. Our team will be keeping our daily operations as close to normal as possible, to provide the same Dependable Service that you are accustom to with Dunns!

Here is our plan to keep things as normal as possible for our customers:

✅If you need service, please call our main line at 256-770-7606 for service at any hour. In order to best take care of our customers, we will continue to have local staff answer our phones from 8 am to 5 pm. In addition, we are available for after-hours calls so that you are always speaking with a person to take care of your needs.

✅We will be following protocols recommended by CDC and state agencies. Any team members that have a fever, are showing signs of sickness, or who have been known to be exposed and not protected will be asked to remain at home.

Covid-19 Protocols Dunns Heating Cooling and Plumbing

✅We are open and running calls to homes. We want to be there in case of emergencies and make sure we keep our customers safe and comfortable at home. We also need to take caution to protect our team members and make sure they stay healthy as well.

✅In most cases, we can troubleshoot equipment from outside, in a crawl space, or in attics and basements with minimal face to face contact. We will be following protocols to maintain a safe work environment by wearing gloves, and disinfecting work areas in the home and in our trucks after each call.

✅Some of our team members may be working remotely from home. Therefore our internal communication may not be as fast as it normally is. Please be patient with our team so that we can take the best care of you and all our customers.

✅We intend to limit our time in groups as we have canceled all group meetings until further notice.

Technicians already work in isolation for most of the day and are not exposed to large groups during work. We will be limiting face to face interaction between our office team members and field team members.

✅We will re-evaluate the situation as needed and will send out communications via social media if our plan changes.

We greatly appreciate our customers and team members here at Dunn’s. We understand the value of trying to reduce the spread of this virus so that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed. Our team is confident that we will be able to handle this predicament as quickly as possible and return to normality.

✅As Always, Thank you for Choosing Dunns! 

Customer Update – Covid-19

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